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  • Yamaha L Series

    I am now the “face” of the new Yamaha L series acoustic guitars!

  • Indy 500 is out!

    The first true “arcade” INDY 500® open-wheel car racing game experience for Android, has been released today. I wrote all the music for this game, which is available on the Google Play market. This is the second game I’ve worked on with Japanese game developers HyperDevbox. I will soon release some of the music right […]

  • Balaganist new website

    Check out my band Balaganist’s new website! It is still new but will definitely be filled with more great content soon.

  • Balaganist’s first review

    My band’s first review written by John LaTorre for his awesome blog/webpage –  Not Here For Green Tea and Onsens. The review can be read here. Check it out!

  • New song for Pachinko game

    After a lot of hard work, I have finally finished writing, recording, mixing and mastering a song for a Pachinko company owned by  Takasago Denki. The song will be the soundtrack for one of their slot machine games. It’s a “horror” game, so the music they requested was in the style of Symphonic Metal. The […]

  • Balaganist first gig!

    Our first gig took place at Crawfish in Akasaka, Tokyo. Check out the new Balaganist Facebook page with videos and pictures of the event, and more to come soon!

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