Recent News

  • Balaganist EP No. 1 is out!

    My band Balaganist has released its EP, and is now available on all the main digital distributors. Click this link for more details!

  • Balaganist first EP

    My band – Balaganist have been working hard to release our first ever EP! It’ll have 5 tracks and will be available on the webternet and on CDs from about mid January. So stay tuned!

  • Yamaha L Series

    I am now the “face” of the new Yamaha L series acoustic guitars!

  • Indy 500 is out!

    The first true “arcade” INDY 500® open-wheel car racing game experience for Android, has been released today. I wrote all the music for this game, which is available on the Google Play market. This is the second game I’ve worked on with Japanese game developers HyperDevbox. I will soon release some of the music right […]

  • Balaganist new website

    Check out my band Balaganist’s new website! It is still new but will definitely be filled with more great content soon.

  • Balaganist’s first review

    My band’s first review written by John LaTorre for his awesome blog/webpage –  Not Here For Green Tea and Onsens. The review can be read here. Check it out!