ExZeus 2

The sequel to the fast-paced mech shooting arcade, developed by Hyper Devbox for Android devices.
I have written 8 heavy metal tracks, and four short orchestral pieces for this game.
The entire soundtrack of the game, including two bonus tracks which are not in the game itself,  is available at my    site.

For videos of the game in action visit here.



Title Screen

Frozen Planet

Future City



Level 30+ Podcast

“Level 30+ is a podcast and blog dedicated to the people that have grown up with gaming, love it, and wish they could squeeze in more time for the hobby into their increasingly busy lives.”

Level 30+ Podcast – Intro Music

Indy 500 menu

Indy 500 Arcade Racing

The new release from Japanese game developers – HyperDevbox, is an officially licensed Indy 500 arcade style racing game.
I wrote 10 tracks for this game, mainly in the electronic and rock genres.

You can purchase the entire soundtrack for the game (including a bonus track) On Bandcamp.

Read reviews of the game here and here.

Download the game here (only for Android devices).

Indy 500 -Select Car

Indy 500 -Race 1

Indy 500 -Garage

I'm A Potter lite

I’m A Potter


iPhone 無料アプリ『I’m a potter』Lite版

2014.10.31 リリース!!


Town BGM

Title Screen





Matchiiz – Title

Matchiiz – Phase 2 (Watch ’em Burn)


IBA documentary

My band Balaganist’s song that was used in the IBA documentary – Hamahtarot Beminheret Hazman. 

Logo Card


My current instrumental project based in Tokyo,
where I write most of the music and play the guitar.
Our Facebook Page.

TSID (Sun Festival) smaller

Slap Happy (live @ Colored Jam 04-2013)

Balaganist – Funky Junky

Balaganist – Five

Goodbeer Faucets

Goodbeer Faucets

An awesome beer bar in Shibuya with over 40 kinds of craft beer from all over the world.
I was asked by them to make an “original and unusual” rendition to the song “Hotaru No Hikari” to let customers know they are about to close.
This is the short version (a longer one will be out soon).


Goodbeer Faucets

Tamir Bribrom Animation

Tamir Bribrom Animation

A freelance animator from Israel.
Tamir’s Facebook page
Tamir’s YouTube page.

This is a track of mine which he used for his showreel.

*the percussions in this track were sampled from Alexis Boulgurtzis’ – Macedonian Dance (available on iTunes).

Tamir Bribrom Animation



Ladurée is a luxury cakes and pastries brand based in Paris, France.

I wrote this for a commercial for their website.
(two versions).

Laduree v2

Laduree v1

Global Astrolines

Global Astrolines


Global Astrolines



An instrumental progressive metal project I had in Israel a few years back.

Myspace page

D9 – Fey

D9 – Heavenly metal (Palit 3)

D9 – Palit 5(Tyranny)

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